Truck Drivers are Overtired, Overworked, and Underpaid

The truck driver’s workplace, which is also everyone’s road, requires long working hours and an intense economic strain. The trucking industry is responsible for many deaths, including those of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, automobile drivers, and passengers. In 2015, 3,836 people died in heavy vehicle accidents in the U.S. My team’s research and a number of other studies show a strong correlation between pay, safety, […]

Don’t worry about the energy Bitcoin uses

The word “bitcoin’ is likely to elicit both a frenzy of excitement and a scathing criticism. The financial community sees potential in trades that are currently unregulated. Others argue that the work is a distraction from the long-term viability of U.S. Financial Institutions. Bitcoin’s energy usage has been a topic of discussion in recent months. According to a Forbes article from May […]

Three essential reads for adapting cities to an increasingly hotter world

Heat waves are deadly, particularly when combined with high humidity levels, which make the air even hotter. The urban island effect can have a particularly strong impact on cities. These areas are often several degrees hotter than rural areas nearby. Three articles from The Conversation archives explain how communities can adapt to climate change, which will increase the frequency and intensity of […]

Making pedestrians safe in driverless cars

There are currently two safe ways to cross a street The number of pedestrians killed on U.S. highways has increased by 25 percent from 2010 to over 5,000 people in 2015. Since we were children, we have learned that it is important to maintain eye contact when approaching cars. This is not possible with autonomous vehicles. Even if someone is sitting in the driver’s […]

Driverless vehicles are set to disrupt the airline industry

Driverless cars will become more common and capable. This will affect people’s travel patterns not just within their local communities, but also across greater distances. Our research revealed how people’s travel habits could change, posing a challenge to the airline industry. Imagine that someone lives in Atlanta, but needs to travel to Washington, D.C., on business. It is a 10 […]

The law should reflect the fact that cars are the main cause of bike accidents

The number of cyclists in Australia is declining. Safety is the main reason for this. The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia released a report last week that found that cyclists were not responsible for the majority of crashes. It may be time for us to follow the lead of many European nations and introduce legislation that, in civil cases, presumes that the car driver […]

The Millennials make 8% fewer trips than the older generations

Understanding how millennials act has practical implications for city planning, industry development, and climate change. If millennials choose to use Lyft instead of driving or parking, it could mean major changes in the automotive industry. If their suburban soccer mom phase is only delayed and not skipped, then nothing will change. We are scholars in business and sustainability. Our research shows that millennials […]

Behind the scenes of successful product placement in cinema

There is a less-discussed success. However, that has delighted the particular crowds of advertising agencies: product placement. Aston Martin’s DB5 is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, and as we prepare to watch a few 007 films during the holiday season, I examine how the Aston Martin name has become a staple of the series. Bond-Craig earns stripes In Goldfinger by Hamilton, […]