First Time Flyers

First Time Flyers


  • Tips for First Time Flyers

You’re flying on your very first trip? You’re probably nervous and happy about your travels. However, there’s nothing to be concerned about during your travel. All you have to do is make sure you are prepared and follow your checklist prior to boarding your flight and landing at the destination you want to go to. Here, we’ve written down some tips for people who have never flown before on airlines that you can follow and enjoy a pleasant and safe travel experience. This will assist you to arrange your trip with ease and in a hassle-free manner.

Booking Flight Tickets

The very first point for those who are just beginning their journey is booking tickets for flights. With many choices to book your flights tickets from, it’s crucial to make sure you book with reputable and reliable suppliers. To do this, you can purchase your tickets for flights from EaseMyTrip which offers cheap tickets to flights, fantastic discounts on travel, and you can compare prices of various airlines prior to making a reservation. When you purchase flights, there is the option of adding meals to your ticket. You can pick a non-veg or veg meal based on the airline you choose to serves, and you can pay for them on your ticket, if they are free during the flight.

Luggage Guidelines

If you’re traveling on flights, the luggage that is allowed onboard is specific and specified by airlines. When you purchase your flight, be sure to examine the luggage allowances of the airline. Each airline has its own luggage guidelines, which are a requirement for passengers to adhere to. There are two types of luggage. One is cabin baggage that is allowed inside your luggage, while the other is checked-in baggage. The dimensions and weights of each type differ and are stipulated on the ticket. If your luggage weighs more than that stated in the guidelines of the airline, you are able to pay for additional luggage at the airport and travel with extra baggage. There’s even a checklist of items that you may carry in your checked baggage, but not hand luggage. Make sure you pack your bags according to the airline’s guidelines.

Necessary Documents

Carrying the right documents with when you travel to the airport is extremely crucial. It’s one of the most crucial tips for newbies because if you follow it, you can avoid unwelcome chaos. The documents required at airports include the those listed below:

  • Domestic Travel:

Passport or any other photo ID that could be your Aadhar Card Driving license or pan card ID for service and student ID.

You’ll need a copy or a copy of your tickets in the event that you don’t have an electronic ticket.

  • International Travel:

When you travel internationally There are additional documents that are added in the above list. It is essential to have a passport. if you don’t have one, make an application prior to your travels because international travel cannot be made without having a passport. Here’s a hint for those who are new to flying that it’s a good idea to have a backup of their passport in case in the event that you lose the original one, it is simpler to find an replacement.

Visa is among the most essential documents required for travel abroad. It’s a document that gives approval from the country you’re traveling to. A lot of countries offer Visa at the time of arrival. If not, you will need be able to request a visa and receive approval prior to.

Arrive Before Time

It is always advisable to leave prior to the time of departure at the airport on the date of travel. There is a chance that you’ll be stuck on the road, which could happen in a nation like India that is a major traffic every day. If you’re not registered online, you can have it completed at the airport if you arrive before. Because you cannot know for certain the weather conditions at airports, whether they will be busy or not, and check-in counters typically open between about 2-4 hours before departure time, it’s advantageous to arrive early and complete the process without trouble.

Check-In Online

As you’ve probably guessed, getting checked-in at the airport is somewhat laborious for you. It is therefore recommended to check-in on the internet. If you book your flight via EaseMyTrip You can make your check-in hassle-free via our mobile website, Android & iOS app. If you’re having issues with online check-in, it is recommended to contact support at customer service and get it completed by contacting the travel agency you have chosen.

After Reaching Airport

Finding out which direction to take in an airport as a first time flight holder can be difficult. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to follow while in the airport.

  • Keep your ticket handy. A majority of the information you need is written on your ticket regardless of whether it’s your terminal, seating, timings or airline. It allows you to navigate your way.
  • To ensure smooth travel, you can utilize a trolley for stacking on top of your luggage. Trolleys can be found near the entrances to departure.
  • You should keep your ID proof and the tickets in case you need to show it at the entrance gates.
  • Once inside, locate your section with the airline name and walk towards it.
  • Get your checked-in luggage scanned.
  • If you’re not logged in online, visit the check-in counter to collect your admission ticket.
  • Have your luggage weighed before it is taken to the airport at the counter for baggage.
  • The next step is to go by the metal detector. place all your possessions with your bag in the tray with your boarding card for security reasons.
  • After all the formalities are completed, you are able to go shopping at the airport and keep your eyes peeled for announcements about your flight.

Inside Plane Guide

After you’ve taken your plane, then you have to locate your seat or place in the plane. After you have checked-in you will be assigned a seat to you. It is listed on your boarding passes as 11-D (numeric followed by an alphabet). You can check it on your tickets and locate your seat. If you’re struggling to locate your seat number Flight attendants are there to assist you in finding it.

It is possible to keep your cabin luggage in the overhead shelf to enjoy a enjoyable travel. Switch your phone’s cell phone into flight mode or turn off. Then all you need to do is listen to the directions given to the flight attendants to ensure your safety.

In-flight Services

In-flight services are dependent of the airlines you select. Every airline offers a variety of services on board to their customers and this is provided to you when you purchase your flight ticket. Based on the airline you choose and the length of your flight, certain airlines offer complimentary meals to passengers. However, when they don’t provide this service, you have the alternative to purchase meals on board. To entertain passengers passengers are able to access screen that is located right in the seat in front of them magazines, and some flights offer Wi-Fi connection on board to travelers.

You are now aware of the precise procedure for flying, so your first flight will surely be pleasant and memorable experience. Get your tickets to the airport with EaseMyTrip and have a fantastic flight with the best services.

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