Adventures of Ferrying an Aircraft

3.5 days, 1600 Nautical Miles, 22.0 hours of flight, 6 fuel stops Day 1: Arrived at Perth Airport to a balmy 35 degrees and rising! Straight to York, the last major town before a 700odd km pilgrimage to the mining town of Kalgoorlie. The aircraft was located on White Gums airstrip, a bush flying club where one runway run up […]

Learn to Fly Starter Package – So what’s it all about?

I must admit, having been a Travel Agent for several years prior to working at Soar Aviation, I thought I was all over aeroplanes and Piloting – the whole shebang. Within my first few days at Soar, I realised this was definitely not the case though. Upon learning this, the obvious course of action was to panic and wonder how on earth I’d […]

How to become an Airline Pilot

First off – are you eligible? Don’t waste time chasing your Pilot shadow if you can’t hit these marks. The following are necessities when looking to get into the airlines, so if you can’t qualify, no dice unfortunately. You’ll need to: Have a high standard of English language skills: you can complete an English language assessment (ICAO level 5) if […]

Tips to land your first job in Aviation as a Pilot

In the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back, wise old Yoda says, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Think about that thought. There is no try. You either do something, or you do not. I can relate this saying to all the budding pilots who say that they always wanted to be a pilot and they […]

Commercial Pilot Career Opportunities

So you’ve had your head down, bum up for what seems like forever, and now you’ve FINALLY achieved the golden ticket of Aviation – your… Commercial Pilot Licence! After many hoorahs it actually starts to sink it, you are now qualified to get paid to do what you love…fly. But why haven’t you received a bazillion phone calls with job […]

8 Top Tips for Acing your PPL Flight Test

Nerves are great before the flight test, but uncertainty isn’t. Remember, your instructor would not have scheduled you and let you go unless he or she was damned sure that you had a high probability of passing. Your flight test will typically take half a day to complete. You will initially spend some time on ground going through the KDRs […]

What do you mean by Airmanship?

For many years, a fundamental element of air safety has been described as “airmanship”. Some examples are, “Maintaining a good lookout is good airmanship”, “Maintaining a safe speed near the ground is good airmanship” “Deciding not to fly because you are not current is good airmanship”. What is airmanship ? There have been many attempts to define this in other […]

Choosing the right flying school for your flight training

This is the best guide you can get when you are out trying to find the right school for your flight training, and eventually venture on that prestigious career. The Best Way to Determine Your Training Needs and Wants By the time you decide to venture into aviation, you already have an idea of what it entails. This will form […]

What happens after your first solo flight?

What happens after your first solo flight? Your first solo flight is an exhilarating, exciting, nerve racking and just downright amazing experience from which you walk away feeling accomplished and awesome. But now there is that somewhat awkward period between having flown solo and being able to competently handle an aircraft, and having your Pilot Licence. You’re obviously able to […]