Soar Aviation’s impetus on safer skies

Soar Aviation’s impetus on safer skies

This post is the beginning of a regular series of updates about Soar Aviation from yours truly, Neel Khokhani. I’ll try not to bore you with my enthusiasm – I’ve been told I’m like a parent rabbiting on about their newborn baby – but I do want to talk about some very important issues ahead.

First up, I want to tell you about some initiatives we’re taking here at Soar, in an effort to be what we always talk about: the best flying instruction school in Australia.

Recent tragic events in the airline industry have brought issues of air safety into sharp focus. I understand that our students, their family and those who support them will be aware of the inherent risks associated with any air travel, large or small.

I want you to know that at Soar Aviation there is no one who takes the safety of everyone involved in our flight training more seriously than me. While we endeavour to make all our programs as fun and exciting as possible, your safety will always come first.

To this end, we’ve recently purchased an entire fleet of brand new Foxbat aircraft. Less than a month old, these aircraft are the safest planes you will ever have the pleasure to experience flying.

The Foxbat is safe for a number of reasons. In the event of an accident the all-metal airframe absorbs shock and impact forces before breaking, ensuring those in the cabin are protected from the brunt of any impact. Metal is much more durable to weather conditions and less prone to fatigue from elements such as high temperature. Basically, it’s tough and can take a pounding.

Speaking of the cabin, you won’t believe how much space there is in this thing. The smart design makes getting in and out fast and simple. No tricks to squirm your body into position. All controls are easy to reach and visibility is superior to any other twin-seater. From floor to ceiling, nose to rear fuselage, it really is amazing.

What’s more impressive is the Foxbat’s handling. At low speeds the controls are light and responsive. At high speeds they get firmer, so cruising is more comfortable than what you get from a performance aircraft. Wing drop is also impossible, so forget about any risk of stalling.

Any pilot will tell you that flying is easy; take off and landing is the hard part. In a Foxbat, slow-speed take-off and landing can be done over a short distance, so there’s little inertia to wrestle with in the event of anything unexpected.

Basically, whether in the air, during take off or landing, the Foxbat is designed to be as safe as possible. That’s why we bought a whole fleet of them.

If you see me walking around the hanger sometime, come say hi and I can tell you more about this awesome aircraft. I really am proud of them.


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