Student Spotlight Klemen Going First Solo

Student Spotlight Klemen Going First Solo

Klemen Wong is a Licensed Aircraft Engineer Trainee from Hong Kong. Klemen recently applied to the Airlines, but fell short on the practical flight training requirements. Klemen enrolled with Soar Aviation in  Melbourne for two weeks to complete the initial stages of his flight training. Klemen hopes to reapply to the Airlines with his improved experience and proven dedication to the industry.

What got you interested in aviation?
A friend in University regularly discusses aircrafts with me. He offered me to have a trial introductory flight and from then on I got hooked into aviation.

What do you like about flight training with Soar Aviation?
Having tried other schools, Soar Aviation has a more personal approach in training. All the instructors have a different approach to flying which exposes us students to a well rounded training. The cost of training is also much cheaper than most competitors.

Describe your most recent aviation achievement and how it made you feel?
I recently completed 5 solo hours with Soar Aviation. Many challenges were faced during the completion of these hours, with weather, plane availability interfering with the strict deadline. After the completion of the hours, I was overcome with a sense of relief and happiness. However I am already missing the flying and am looking forward to being able to fly again.

What do you think helped you achieve your first solo in such a short time?
Self-reflecting on the previous lessons to find areas which require particular focus, then formulating targets and aims for the next lesson. The instructors all provide valuable teachings every lesson and it is important to spend some time absorbing the information.

What would you say to someone starting out in their pilot training?
Make the best of your training time by preparing well. Actual flight time is limited and expensive so it is important to be proactive in your training outside of the aircraft as well as inside the aircraft.

Any additional comments:
I would like to thank all those in Soar Aviation for helping me achieve my goals in such a short time. These two weeks had been a blast and I am looking forward to coming back and doing more training in the future!

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