Two Carry-on Bags from Paradise: Love Story

We don’t believe that loving a safe flight is right. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and many people will be traveling with gifts for their loved ones. These are some of the most popular items that are screened at security checkpoints across the country during this special time of year.      

Refresh your memories with the liquid rules

Although we all know that turkey sandwiches are not liquids, it can be confusing to figure out how to pack liquids. This video will explain everything.        

TSA precheck(r) = game changer

It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to be able to pass security quicker. TSA PreCheck(r), allows you to do exactly that. TSA PreCheck(r) is a quick and simple security screening system for travelers we know more about. Once you are a member, you won’t want to leave.

Avoid being “That Guy” at airport checkpoint

You’re likely to dislike the sound of your fellow travelers tapping their feet and heavy sighs while you wait to get your bags ready for security. You want to be as safe as possible while getting through security quickly. These tips from the TSA are great for domestic travel.

How do you store your medication in a pill bag? More questions answered

We get a lot of questions from our travelers asking if they can travel with their medication. The short answer is yes. But there are some caveats. These are some tips you might find useful.

What to do if you forget something at the checkpoint

Have you ever felt like something was missing when you boarded a plane? Here is a list of common items that are often left behind at security checkpoints. It won’t happen to anyone!

How to take your pet on a plane. What every pet should know

Hey, come down! Is it time to go back to the airport? It’s not a big deal, we are in this together and must both go through security screening.

Get ready for Game Day

Ah, fall! Fall is a time of falling leaves, cool temperatures and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. For sports fans, however, fall is the return to football. All levels of football players, from the pee wee to professional, will return to the field. We have tips for you to avoid getting a penalty flag at your airport screening if you are traveling to see the Eagles fly or the Tide roll.

Tips for Travel Your Mama Will Love

Everybody knows that a visit from you is the best gift for mom. We have some guidelines to help you make your screening experience smooth.

Fashion rules and guidelines while passing through the checkpoint

Do not make a fashion faux pas and forget to take this photo at your next airport stop.

Keep the Change

It doesn’t seem like much…just a little jiggling in your pocket, right? Every Day thousands of Americans leave their loose change at TSA security checks across America. It may seem like a few pennies doesn’t really add up. You’ll be shocked at how many passengers are left in those checkpoint bins.

These travel tips will make you a fool if you don’t remember them!

Millions of people around the globe are watching this year’s World Cup. The summer travel season is underway so make sure you are ready to go. These helpful tips will help you score and breeze through security.

Summer Blockbuster – Automated Screening Lanes Coming to an Airport Near You

Automated screening lanes are state-of the-art technology that improves security efficiency and reduces the time traveler spends during security screening. They are available at airports in New York and Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

Go GREEN when you travel through airport security!

Every Day is Earth Day for TSA. These green-friendly travel tips will help you do your part for the planet.

These AMAZING travel tips will make you feel like a superhero!

Grab your cosplay costumes and comic books, and make space on your shelves to store even more cool collectibles. The granddaddy of all annual comic conventions, HERE! These are four helpful tips for fangirls and fanboys!

5 Stressors pregnant women have at the airport

Being pregnant can make traveling stressful at any time.

Too cool to school

It’s time for students to return to school. We have some tips for making your return trip to school as easy as possible. There should be no stress, other than the first exam and the cost of textbooks. 

Baby strollers, car seats, and breastmilk, my goodness!

Traveling with baby gear at any season can be stressful. This video will give you some tips for navigating the security screening process using these items. Don’t forget to ask for assistance if you have any questions.

The airport is run by

Traveling with children. Even seasoned travelers can be scared by those words. How can one prepare for the excitement of welcoming young travelers to the airport? Three of the most frequent questions are answered by us.

Turkey trot along your way through the airport

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, family and delicious food. It can be difficult to travel with mouthwatering recipes. Find out what you can and should not pack.

Flying on a broom is not an option

All you ghosts and ghouls, welcome! You’re almost there, which means it’s time to get on your brooms to fly to your local airport for a Halloween adventure. These are some tips to ensure that trick-or-treating at airports is as fun as the candy you get (without all the cavities).

The Spirit of the Season

Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all start in December. TSA offers tips on items you can take with you to celebrate any religious holiday.

Fly like Rudolph during the Holiday Season

As you travel to your holiday destinations, deck the moving walkways and bring your joyful selves! It can be difficult to travel with festive food. We have some tips for you.

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