What does the aircraft fleet tell you about a flying school?

Not a day goes by that I’m not asked the question, ‘when is the next Soar Aviation barbecue? The last one was a cracker!’ The other more important question I’m asked repeatedly is, ‘why doesn’t Soar Aviation train pilots in Cessna/Piper type conventional aircraft?’ I want to focus for a minute on the word ‘conventional,’ which has led me to write this blog […]

What does it really take to be a Commercial Pilot?

What does it really take to be a pilot? When you were young and your heart was an open book, you used to say, “I’m going to be a pilot one day!” Chances are that happened the very first time you saw an aircraft. Raise your hand if this still happens every time you see an aircraft, even now as […]

Fuel Contamination in Aircraft

One of Soar Aviation’s senior management team, Vernon is as passionate about flying as he is about biltong. Since starting his career with British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) 1969 followed by British Airways Vernon has ridden many waves of change in the world of aviation, contributing his knowledge and expertise along the way to help shape the future of flight. […]

Top 10 Things to See with your RPL – Sydney

This blog is a follow on from our last: Top 10 Things to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence (Melbourne) – but now we’re focusing on Sydney! Presuming you’re departing from Bankstown Airport, you should get some kick-ass aerial views of these locations and I’m sure your hot date will appreciate your ‘tour guide’ skills. Don’t let all that flight […]

Student Spotlight Klemen Going First Solo

Klemen Wong is a Licensed Aircraft Engineer Trainee from Hong Kong. Klemen recently applied to the Airlines, but fell short on the practical flight training requirements. Klemen enrolled with Soar Aviation in  Melbourne for two weeks to complete the initial stages of his flight training. Klemen hopes to reapply to the Airlines with his improved experience and proven dedication to the […]

Soar Aviation’s impetus on safer skies

This post is the beginning of a regular series of updates about Soar Aviation from yours truly, Neel Khokhani. I’ll try not to bore you with my enthusiasm – I’ve been told I’m like a parent rabbiting on about their newborn baby – but I do want to talk about some very important issues ahead. First up, I want to […]

Safety Designs of a Foxbat

Is the Foxbat a safe plane to fly? Difficult though I find it, this is meant to be a reasonably objective description of the Foxbat’s safety characteristics – of which there are two main aspects: primary and secondary safety. ‘Primary’ safety is the way the aircraft is designed to reduce the likelihood of an incident or accident happening in the […]

Points to Consider for Winter Flying

With a change of seasons comes a change of thinking about the weather that we will now be flying in. While we had a relatively mild summer that only saw a few very hot days, some turbulence and occasional low cloud; winter weather brings about a new set of challenges to flying safely. The hours of daylight are reduced, winds […]

Myths about Flight Training

There are many, many reasons why people who have a genuine interest in learning to fly don’t pursue it, but a few reasons are more common than others. If you have a real passion to learn, achieving starts with believing. We endeavour to help more people enter aviation by trying to combat these 3 (often very scalable) walls! This is by far […]