Watch a Plane’s Door Rip Open During a Horrifying Commercial Flight

Assemblers on an old Russian-built Antonov AN-26 recently experienced a terrifying incident after the rear door malfunctioned and opened in mid-flight. Small pieces of food were sucked up in the frigid temperatures below freezing. Because of the design of airplanes and the pressure in the cabin, the possibility of a door opening during flight on a modern aircraft is impossible without causing harm. […]

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With These Defunct Airlines You Might Not Remember

After years of bankruptcies and mergers and a difficult time in the aviation industry, the listing of U.S.-based airlines has been reduced. In the past, the small network of regional airlines linked a large portion of the nation. Still, due to the deregulation, these smaller ones were taken over by larger airlines, and today’s monopolies have been born. Today, we think of […]

Why the Learjet Is Such a Badass Plane

The famous Learjet first flew in October 1963; it marked the dawn of a new era of stylish, elegant, and speedy executive aircraft. Its Learjet 23 was so swift–with a top speed of 561 miles per hour and a 3G speed of climb of 6,900 feet per minute that it was the only first-line U.S. Air Force and Navy fighters that could […]

Up to 1,200 Airbus Jet Engines Recalled

During an earnings conference held on July 25, the RTX company revealed that it would be recalling up to 1,200 units of the PW1100G Geared Turbofan engines, made by its subsidiary, engine maker Pratt & Whitney, for rapid inspection. The culprit is microscopic contaminants found within the powdered metal manufactured at a New York facility. It was used to make engines’ stage […]

The Electric Airship Revolution Is Almost Here. Are We Ready?

The first airship era was destroyed by fire. The next starts with the entire planet in flames. With the warming climate fast melting the glaciers, animals blinking out of existence, and one-of-a-kind weather occasions often filling the forecasts for seven days, Scientists, politicians act, activists, engineers, and anyone else who loves the planet Earth are scrambling to find ways to switch from fossil fuels and […]

A Living History of The Humble Paper Airplane

Shinji Suzuki met Takuo Toda in 1999 atop Mt. Yonami in the city of Jinseki-Kogen, located in the south of Jinseki-Kogen in Japan. Toda, the Japan Origami Airplane Association chairperson, was in the area to launch a vast paper plane from the tower he constructed on top of the mountain specifically for this purpose. Toda has convinced the local city […]

Planes Are Always in the Air

Has published ten science-based books, including Monsters: The Hindenburg Disaster and the Birth of Pathological Technology (Basic Books 2015). He also has logged over 1000 flying hours as a private flight pilot.  IN BRIEF At a strict mathematical scale, engineers can make planes that remain at a height. However, equations do not explain why aerodynamic lift happens. Two different theories reveal the […]