English women’s travel writing in the 19th Century

These protagonists are often described as “rebellious,” courageous,” ambitious,” brave,” “queens,” or even “adventurous.” These women are the inspiration of today’s screenwriters, artists, and filmmakers who, for whatever reason, want to tell a different story about women’s history. Their stories inspire some, while others find them almost unbelievable. Weren’t Victorian women very repressed? The writings of these women travelers, in […]

Time travel and quantum physics to try to restore the world.

How can Avengers Endgame, which is in cinemas this week, try to bring these characters back? Time travel is a tried-and-tested movie plot device. There’s also a surprising amount of scientific jargon, such as quantum physics, Deutsch proposals, eigenvalues, and inverted Mobius strips. Read more: We did a breakthrough’ speed test’ in quantum tunneling, and here’s why that’s exciting. But don’t think that everything you hear […]

Curious kids: Is time travel possible for human beings

I wish! In movies and books, characters use “time-turners,” treehouses, and other devices to travel back in time. In reality, this is not so easy. Why is this? There are two kinds of “time-travel”: one is going backward in time, and the other is going forwards in time. Harry and Hermione, the characters in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, […]

The Supreme Court’s possible ruling on Trump’s travel Ban

The Supreme Court has determined that it will hear two legal challenges against President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban. The executive orders Trump issued in March, among other things, temporarily bar the entry of citizens from six countries with a majority Muslim population: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Yemen. In cases stemming from Maryland or Hawaii, lower courts blocked the application of the Ban to […]

Passport bottleneck is holding up international travel

That’s going to be a whole lot easier to do this summer if you already have a valid passport. The wait times for getting one are soaring. The State Department says it can take up to 13 weeks for it to process passport applications, and up to nine weeks for expedited service that requires the payment of extra fees. It’s getting about 500,000 passport applications a […]

It is dangerous to flee from the coronavirus, not only for yourself

COVID-19 affects people in almost every country. To curb the spread of this pandemic, public health officials heavily rely on two community interventions: social distancing and restricted travel. These measures can prevent the spread of COVID-19 because they interrupt personal contact. The guidelines and restrictions are confusing and can leave room for interpretation. They may also contradict one another. Many students are being […]

There’s no reason to worry about overseas travel

In a previous article, I discussed and the future of the aviation industry. As many experts predicted, international air travel would be well below its pre-pandemic level by this time. We are nowhere near. The International Air Transport Association’s most recent forecast, published in February, predicts that this year, total passenger traffic will not be back up to the pre-pandemic level. The […]

Who’s in Who’s out Who’s out

Omicron is the latest COVID-19 variation deemed a ” version of concern ” by the World Health Organization. This has led to new restrictions on travel in many countries. Scientists have expressed concerns that omicron may be more transmittable or resistant to vaccines than previous variants. On November 26, 2021, The United States will join an ever-growing list of countries that have banned travelers from southern Africa, where the […]

The End of Global Travel as We Know It

According to Rifat Al, the head of travel analytics firm Skift, Saturday, March 14, 2020 is “The Day The World Stopped Travelling”. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but each day brings us closer to the reality. Ali says that the COVID-19 Crisis has put the travel industry, “the most significant industry in the World”, in uncharted waters. Nations are […]