Amelia Earhart will have trouble disappearing

As aviation professionals, we know that technology is improving the ability to track planes even over vast stretches of water. These systems make it easier for aircraft to navigate, and some even allow them to track their flights in real-time across the globe. How to get from one place to another Pilots used to navigate by connecting dots on a map […]

People hate flight shame – but not enough to quit flying

A 2023 survey found that although people in the UK were increasingly concerned about aviation emissions – they were also more reluctant to fly less. This might reflect how flying has become normalized in society, aided by ticket prices, which are, on average, 61% cheaper in real terms than in 1998. Peers increasingly ask me about how they can fly “sustainably,” the “greenest” airlines, […]

The search will move into a new phase if debris

It isn’t as hard as you might think. Most airline components have unique serial and part numbers. If there are any identifying markings on the recovered items from the sea, they can be compared with Malaysian Airlines’ and Boeing’s engineering records. Boeing can compare the features, shapes, and materials of the recovered items, even if they are not marked, to […]

High-speed rail planning could reduce flight demand

 The committee’s chief said that the 60% increase in flight demand was already due to the climate goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% between now and 2050. If a second runway is added to the ones already being discussed for Heathrow and Gatwick and if price increases up to PS200 are not implemented, this target will be missed. All […]

Too many airplane systems rely on too few sensors

Had I trusted my airspeed sensor, I would have pushed the plane’s nose down in an attempt to regain speed and possibly put too much strain on the aircraft’s frame or getting dangerously close to the ground. But even small aircraft are packed with sensors: While worried about my airspeed, I noticed that my plane was staying at the same […]

how much compensation and who pays

In these circumstances, how much compensation is payable for the death of passengers on board the flight, and who pays? How can the cases in which MH17 was brought down be avoided in the future? And what about Malaysia Airlines? Before the crash, the airline was already in trouble following the loss of flight MH370. The airline has just been nationalized. Liability for […]

The rise of giant balloons at the edge of space

The NASA mission that brought the giant balloon down on a remote cattle station, in south-west Queensland, in April was to test the feasibility for using stratospheric balloons for scientific research. Although this mission was a misadventure, it has a number of advantages over satellites orbiting the Earth. They can stay afloat for up to six months above 99 percent of […]

Japan’s golf diplomacy brings it back to the green

Trump implied that the US-Japan relationship was over when he said that Japan and other US allies must develop their nuclear weapons. Abe’s meeting with Trump, the second world leader to meet after British Prime Minister Theresa May, last week has already helped Japan achieve its most important diplomatic goal. It ensures the continuation of the security alliance between Japan and […]

The Supreme Court of Argentina stirs up national outrage

These women have never stopped looking for their sons, daughters, and grandchildren who were lost during the “Dirty War,” which lasted between 1976 and 1983. ‘Nunca mas’ The 1976 coup in Argentina, which overthrew President Maria Estela Martinez de Peron through a military regime, was one of the most bloody and devastating in its history. In only seven and half […]