A United 777 Nearly Plunged Into the Ocean After Takeoff From Hawaii. WTF Happened?

A United 777 Nearly Plunged Into the Ocean After Takeoff From Hawaii. WTF Happened?

Just a few seconds after the plane took off at Maui, Hawaii, on December 18, 2022, United Airlines flight 1722 lost 1,425 feet in altitude. The Boeing 777 was within seven hundred feet below sea level, but pilots could make the correct dive, avoid falling into the ocean, and then restart the climb.

Utilizing information taken from FlightRadar Based on FlightRadar data, 24The Air Current was the first publication to cover the horrific United Airlines Boeing 777 dive two weeks after. Although no injuries were reported, CNN reports that the passengers knew something was amiss with the dive, which could be a disaster if it took longer.

“It felt like you were climbing to the top of a roller coaster,” passenger Rod Williams II told CNN. “It was at this point that there were several screaming on the plane. Everyone knew there was something out of the usual, or at most, that it wasn’t normal.”

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The data shows that about an hour after takeoff from Kahului Airport in Hawaii, the Boeing 777 was 2200 feet above sea level. Then, the aircraft dived from 8,600 feet per minute in less than a second. Dropping 1,425 feet before being within 775 feet of sea level. However, the plane recovered, regained its elevation, and experienced no other problems on the way to an earlier departure in San Francisco.

Within 10 minutes of a nose-diving, Williams says someone from the cockpit informed passengers that everything would be fine.

They didn’t even reveal what happened. Also, neither the United nor the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is speaking out.

The Air Current reports the nose-dive occurred on the same day the injured were 25 on the Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu near Maui. The National Weather Service says the day was characterized by heavy rains, resulting in flash flooding warnings.

Whether weather played a role or whether it did not is not clear. FAA declares that the incident is currently being investigated. An initial investigation conducted by United, the FAA, and the pilots’ Union “ultimately resulted in the pilots receiving additional training.” Thanks, Gee.

It is believed that the Indian Ocean is a vast space, and even though several fragments of wreckage have been discovered, the plane is likely to have broken into many pieces. There isn’t expected to be any discernible wreckage found on the ocean floor, and critical clues — like the plane’s black box could disappear.

In evaluating the facts, it is essential to assess the theories you are considering critically and remember that claims of extraordinary magnitude require extraordinary evidence.

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