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Since acquiring the brand new, award winning Foxbat over three years ago it has quickly become the favoured two-seater aircraft among new student pilots, due to its popularity and we continue to invest in growing our fleet of Foxbats in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Foxbat has extremely short take-off and landing capacity and is a very easy aircraft to pilot and train on. It’s brand new avionics and spacious cabin are unmatched in it’s class. Visibility in this aircraft is superb, it’s floor to ceiling glass doors and generous windows allow for maximum visibility within the training circuits. 

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Solo 199
Dual 289
*What is Our Comparison Rate?

Our Comparison Rate reflects the per-hour cost of a student who has chosen to pay their course fees upfront and in full, prior to their course start date.

These students will receive a 10% credit of total course fees, applied to their Soar Reward Program for use towards additional flight lessons. The Comparison Rate factors in this 10% credit that will be applied.

For example, an upfront course payment of $7,500.00 will accrue a 10% credit of $750.00.

Terms and condition of hire

Rates and Charges include GST.

Aircraft Rates are charged on VDO.

Aircraft Rates are based on wet hire and subject to change according to fuel surcharge.

Fuel purchased by the hirer away from YMMB/YSBK shall be reimbursed at rates published by Flight Operations. Hirer should check and compare destination fuel prices with operations prior to flight.

Aircraft rates exclude landing, Air service and Terminal Navigation Charges outside of Moorabbin/Bankstown.

Aircraft not returned within the hire period may incur a $100.00 overnight fee.

Rates and Charges are subject to change without notice.

Credit card payments incur a 2%.

Pilot must meet the recurrence and proficiency requirements as laid out in our operations manual and and insurance.


The Aquila A210 is rapidly becoming the aircraft of choice for use in advanced flight training. This is due to its low fuel consumption and high performance record, plus its high cruising speed complies with CPL and CSU trainer requirements.

It is equipped with two side-by-side seats, low wings and a cruciform tail. The spacious, enclosed cockpit provides sufficient room even for tall pilots. Complete glazing of the canopy allows an excellent all-round vision. The A210 is powered by a Rotax 912 flat four engine, similar to our Foxbat A22 aircraft. 

We now have an Aquila A210 based at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne and Bankstown Airport, Sydney. Pop in and start your flight training in it today! 

Solo 279
Dual 369

A32 Vixxen

The Foxbat A32 Vixxen is aerodynamically 'cleaner' than the A22LS, and hence flies faster, glides better, stalls slower and use lesser fuel than many other LSAs. Going inside you will also find that it seats are set higher to provide pilot greater view and better knee room. 

Arrange a trial flight with us today to check out this beauty!

Solo 239
Dual 329

Bristell LSA

The Bristell LSA is a Czech low-wing, two-seater in side-by-side configuration, single-engine light-sport aircraft.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, brand new avionics and features a glass cockpit allowing for optimum visibility.

The Bristell LSA are a superb aircraft for flight training and piloting.

Solo 279
Dual 369

Tecnam Twin P2006T

The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for the world’s most reputable Flight Training Organisations.

The four-seat aircraft has a fully retractable landing gear and liquid-cooled Rotax engines. The superior high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers.

The Tecnam P2006T Twin high-spec avionics and excellent visibility, make for an exceptional flight training aircraft.

Solo 549
Dual 649
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