Soar Aviation will strive to give you  the best flight training experience possible.

Our Mission

Be different. This is the main concept we had in mind when we decided to start Soar Aviation. After being involved in the aviation industry for a combined 100 years, we saw the opportunity to do things a slightly different way.

We noticed that too many aviation businesses were carbon copies of each other, with no real point of difference, and no emphasis on the most important person in the whole equation, which is you, the customer! There seemed to be no real desire to change with the times and to create better outcomes for customers.

With this in mind Soar Aviation was created with the philosophy of trying to do things the most cost efficient and easiest way possible, whilst still delivering the highest quality product on the market. We aim to utilize developments in technology and advancements in aircraft to meet this aim, and keep the most important people in our business, the customers, happy.

Put simply, you are the reason Soar Aviation exists. Learn to fly a plane with us at and you’ll find out why we’re Australia’s most popular flight training school!


Why choose Soar Aviation?

With over 100 years combined experience in the aviation industry, the team at Soar Aviation offer the highest standard of personalised flight training and guidance, our fantastic safety record is the corner stone of our flight training procedures and is passed on to each and every student through out the syllabus. Not only this, you can rest assured that our efficient operations management and financing structures ensure that you will not find a lower price per hour of flight training in Victoria or New South Wales. 

Soar Aviation has grown tremendously in the last few years based on the success of our training model to date. As a Registered Training Organisation and holder of Air Operators Certificate, our students learn to fly enjoying the full ecosystem of flight training from start to finish on our top of the line, modern aircraft fleet. Operating out of four central locations- Melbourne, Sydney, Bendigo and Hong Kong you are sure to find what you are looking for with Australia’s fastest growing Flight School.

We’re here to help you reach your goals

Whether you’re interested in becoming a recreational or a commercial pilot, realising your dream of flying has never been easier. Get in touch today, to get your flight training off the ground!

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