Best Time to Visit Italy

Best Time to Visit Italy



Italian holidays are a great way to experience the best of Italy. Incredible food, historic sites on your bucket list, stunning scenery… there’s not much that can top it! It can be difficult to plan a trip for the best weather and avoid crowds. This guide will help you to plan your trip by describing the best time of year to visit Italy.


Italy offers a great time, whether you visit to explore ancient cities or enjoy the beautiful landscapes. This is La Dolce Vita, “the sweetlife!”

The best time to travel to Italy is not always a simple matter. Summer, for example, seems to be the best time of year to visit Italy. It’s not so easy — summer also brings sweltering temperatures and a lot of people.

You’re not the only one feeling lost. We’re happy to provide you with all the information on the best times to visit Italy. Let’s start!

When is the best season to visit Italy?

The shoulder season is the ideal time to visit Italy, especially in April, May, and September.

Ostuni in July

Visitors can enjoy the pleasant temperatures and sunny days during these months. Attractions are not overcrowded or expensive.

The best time to go depends on what you want from your trip. A summer holiday on the beach in Italy is hard to beat, but a trip to Christmas markets and skiing during winter can be equally magical. Below, we’ve listed all four seasons. Keep reading to discover the best time for you to visit Italy.

Start by answering these questions:

  • Which region of the country are you planning to visit?
  • Do you get easily annoyed by crowds of people?
  • Do you suffer from high humidity?
  • Are you worried about the cold?
  • Would you rather spend time at the beach or in a new place?

You can start by deciding when to go to Italy by answering these questions.

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The BEST time to visit Italy

Want a quick recommendation? See our personal recommendations for the best times to visit Italy. We’ll also share the times of year that we would avoid!

  • Our recommendation…

Want to save time and energy on planning?

We have spent 6+ months in Italy and traveled around the country. This has allowed us to see a lot!

Our experience has led us to compile a classic Italy itinerary which hits the most popular destinations for first-time visitors. Our itinerary spans 10 days and includes highlights from Rome and Cinque Terre, Florence, and Venice.

You’ll receive our 10-day itinerary with all the tips and advice. Click below to receive your classic Italy itinerary.

Experience is the best teacher

We’ve seen Italy in every season

The Blue Trail in Cinque Terre, May

When? September – August 2009, April-May 2018 (July 2022), May 2023

Katie, Ben, and I have spent over six months in Italy, traveling and living there in every season. Katie and Ben both studied abroad in Florence in their university years. I have lived in Florence and traveled around Italy four times as a digital nomad.


Capri in May

Our Experience:

The weather was unseasonable on my most recent trip in May 2023. Locals reported that it was more like the weather in November. The weather was cool, rainy, and grey throughout the entire country.

The weather in May is usually warm and sunny. Even though the water is still cooling down in winter, you can go to the beach. This was my experience during my visit in May 2018.

It was the most crowded I’ve ever been in Italy (Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre Amalfi coast) and also the most crowded of all my trips to Italy. It’s surprising that it was not even “high-season” yet. There was a noticeable increase in crowds, especially along the Amalfi coast and in Cinque Terre, compared to my last visit in May 2018.

Were you able to visit Italy in the spring?

Yes! If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy good weather, spring is the best time to visit Italy (from April).


Polignano a Mare in July

Our Experience:

In July 2022, I visited the Puglia area of Italy and had an amazing experience. While there was definitely summer traffic, the area wasn’t too crowded.

It was hot and humid along the Southeast coast. To stay cool, frequent dips into the warm ocean water were required.

Were we to recommend visiting Italy during the summer months?

We wouldn’t recommend going to Italy at this time. It would be too hot and crowded. We recommend that you visit lesser-known parts of Italy during this time. Avoid cities such as Rome and Florence which can reach scorching temperatures in summer.


Rome in September

Our Experience:

Katie and Ben enjoyed Florence’s weather in the fall after the summer crowds had died down.

In September, I went to Italy for the first time (Rome and Florence, Amalfi coast and Cinque Terre). The weather was very hot in Rome but pleasant everywhere else, especially along the coast. Rome was still crowded at the beginning of September, but by the end, the crowds had thinned out.

Were we to recommend a visit to Italy in the Fall?

Yes! We love traveling to Europe during the shoulder season, and Italy is no exception. The fall is a good time to travel as the temperatures are still warm up until mid-October. You can also enjoy the beaches but without the crowds.

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