Can we time travel? The theoretical physicist offers possible answers

Can we time travel? The theoretical physicist offers possible answers

There are other technical issues. It is possible; however, it would require huge quantities of energy.

There’s also the issue of time-travel contradictions. We could theoreticallysolve these issues when the illusion of free will exists or if there are multiple worlds, as well as if past events could only be seen but not felt. Maybe time travel is not possible because time flows in a linear way, and we don’t have any control over it. Or maybe time is a lie, and time travel isn’t relevant.

Certain theories about time travel suggest that one could observe the past as if watching a film, however one can’t interfere with the activities of those who participate. (Rodrigo Gonzales/Unsplash)

Physics laws

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which explains the nature of space, time as well and gravity — has been the most profound theory about time; we’d like to believe it is a crime due to relativity. However one of his fellows of the Institute for Advanced Study, Kurt Godel, invented an alternate universe that was one in which time travel wasn’t just feasible, but that the future and past were connected.

We could actually make time machines; however, the majority time, these (in principle) viable ideas need the use of negative energy or mass, which doesn’t appear like it exists in this universe. If you throw a tennis ball with a weight that is negative, the ball will bounce upwards. This is not a very satisfying argument as it explains the reason we can’t experience time travel by using another conceptone of mass or energy that is negative that we don’t really comprehend.

Mathematics-based physicist Frank Tipler conceptualized a time machine that doesn’t have negative mass but it needs more energy than is available in the universe..

Time travel also breaks also the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that entropy, or randomness, will always increase. Time is only able to move in one direction, in terms of how you uncrack an egg. In particular, when we travel through the past, we travel from the present (a high level of entropy) into the past, which is likely to have lower entropy.

The English Cosmologist Arthur Eddington formulated the argument and is at best unfinished. It may stop you from traveling back to time, however it does nothing about time travel in the future. In reality, it’s exactly the same as difficult it is for me to Thursday, next week like it was to the last Thursday.

Resolving paradoxes

It is a fact that if we had the ability to be able to time travel without restriction, we’d face the problems. One of the most famous one is known as”the grandfather paradox. ” grandfather paradox” which suggests that one could utilize a time machine to travel back in time and kill their grandfather prior the birth of their father, thus completely removing the possibility of having their own birth. It is logically impossible to exist and not be.

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