Time travel: Is it possible?

Can time travel be achieved? The short answer is yes, you are doing it now. You’re hurtling forward at a rate of 1 second per second. Time moves at the same pace, whether you are watching paint dry or wish you had more time to spend with a friend who lives out of town. This isn’t the type of time […]

Stay for good: six social enterprise holiday spots around Australia

Many hotels have corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that support charitable causes. Fewer are the hotels that go one step beyond and fund only initiatives that improve the world. These places are a great way to get away. From a hotel run by a social enterprise that offers training programs to young people with disabilities to a wildlife conservation camp operated […]

Outback camel trek: one woman’s 5,000km journey across Australia

Sophie Matterson, a film and television producer who wanted to take a break in 2016, chose the ‘ most random job’ she could find: milking camels. She says, ‘I didn’t anticipate how much I’d end up loving these animals’. It was supposed to be just a six-month break from her “real job,” which turned into five years working with camels. She began […]

Have you been there with a lantern?’ How Australians embrace the winter solstice

Winter is a difficult time for many Australians. Yuletide nostalgia inherited from European colonists leads us to do bizarre things like spray fake snow onto our windows during high summer. Since 1980, Australians have been offered “Christmas in Jul” as an antidote for this climate incongruity. But outside of Yulefest, the original festival, the folly proved to be too much to […]

‘We look at it more holistically’: how to heal Country beyond Naidoc Week

Naidoc Week, which was born out of the Aboriginal Rights Movement activism, is a week-long national event that celebrates the culture, history, and achievements of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. The ‘National Aborigines (sic) and Islanders Day Celebration Committee’ used to be responsible for the organization of the Naidoc Week. The acronym is now the official name of the […]

Light in Victoria’s lockdown: ‘We’ve turned Hurstbridge yellow’

Residents were encouraged to get creative and make decorations for the town. Residents were encouraged to get creative in making decorations for the city to be painted and knitted yellow. Carol Jenkinson explains that a pompom garden was planted in the middle, bunting of yellow and green was used to decorate the shops, and a dam with “little wattle fairies scarecrows.” Eliza, […]