Chicago places to squeeze out the last traces of fall.

Chicago places to squeeze out the last traces of fall.

As a native, autumn of Chicago is always my favorite season despite the feeling of urgency that snow is on its coming. For tourists, it is a beautiful time to enjoy the fall foliage and those warm days we typically want in October. One word of advice: Take the seasons of fall and summer in mind when you plan your trip to Windy City. Windy City.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoolights is my favorite event during the holiday season. However, the Zoo‘s Autumn Fest is just as enjoyable. The animals tend to be more active when the temperatures get more relaxed, and there are many activities for people of all ages. Bring home a pumpkin, drink hot cider, look at some expert pumpkin carving, or stroll around the fall decorations. In contrast to Zoolights, the Fall Fest is completely free!

Logan Square Farmers Market

It’s a beautiful time to check out the city’s market for farmers; however, it can be boiling and crowded with locals and tourists alike. The crowds usually fade to a minimum in autumn, as the fresh produce is is fantastic. As you’d expect from the arty Logan Square, the market is also home to some fantastic vintage clothing shops. You can visit on Sundays until the close of October.

Open House Chicago

The Chicago Architecture Center is well-known in Chicago due to its popular architectural tours along the Chicago River. They take the fun up a notch by hosting Open House Chicago each fall. The annual event features a list of who’s who (or what’s who) of historic landmarks in the city that are closed to visitors.

Promontory Point

Hyde Park’s Promontory Point, a peninsula made by a man in Burnham Park, is one of the most beautiful spots on the island to see the autumn leaves. The city skyline and lake views are pretty, even in the afternoon when it’s a cool and crisp day. Please take advantage of the day with a trip to my top educational destination in the city, which is the Museum of Science and Industry, situated close to the north of the Point.

Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday is my favorite drink bar in Logan Square, especially when feeling fancy. Their award-winning cocktails are fantastic all year long, but once you get into the colder weather, the focus is on allspice, fall fruit bitters, and seasonal cocktails. If you’re lucky, they’ll serve their unique version of Butterbeer.

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