Falling Into Fall

Falling Into Fall

We’ve been slowing down. We have slowed down. …..not because we’re old. It’s more about the changing seasons and telling us to stop jogging around and think about packing the RV. It’s time to travel. Start getting your gear in gear. We’ll be leaving on the 25th of September. Lulu will be carrying out her regular job of checking in you all. She’s extremely thorough and competent. What could we do with her? I love you, Lulu!

Every year it seems that we’re getting old ….amazing isn’t it? We’ve been contemplating setting roots ….somewhere. We have a great time in our RV but aren’t ready to let it go, but we aren’t quite ready to do so. We’ve been full-time ever since the day we decided to sell our home in the year 2019. We love living in a house that is on wheels.

The wheels of our bus go around and around. Because we lease our space annually in Tropical Palms, we are allowed to park our RV there even if we’re not living there. We’ve done it before another time. The time was when we sat in with our children, ….moving around from one location to another for a couple of weeks. They were all very kind and very accommodating. But time has changed.

We have found our home away from home. We toured several rentals located in The Corning and Geneseo regions. They’re all very nice. We aren’t making any decisions yet since we won’t find a home until the end of May. We have put our names in their wait lists. One place only provided a short-term rental, and the rest of them were with a 12-month lease.

Since we spend the majority part of our time in Florida, We have to determine what is the most sensible option. Decisions! Decisions! The only thing we know is that we’ll reside in our beautiful home in Florida within a couple days …! We’ll be screaming “Laissez le bon temps rouler”!

Luckily, during one of our home-hunting trips, we were able to get together with one of our closest acquaintances for an evening meal. We’ve been friends with Sue since the very beginning of our college years (1962). Del, as well as Sue, were our most cherished friends. Cory stood to defend Del when they and Sue got married. Del gave us the money we needed to return home when Cory & I eloped. We had so many great moments with each other. Del died over twenty years ago. It was a tragedy for him.

The grief has been intense, and his memory has been treasured. Sue is truly an angel in this world. We’d love for you to meet her. You’d love her just the same way we do. She pours so much affection to everyone who meets her. She is so sweet, gentle, sweet, caring, and genuine. We are fortunate to have her as a beloved, close best friend.

We’ve been enjoying being with our growing family. We are all looking forward to attending our son’s and NEW daughter-in-law Cory and Penny’s wedding celebration of their wedding. We will be in attendance. What a fun time it’ll be. Our three great-grandsons are growing at a rapid pace. Henry will turn 3 years old when we depart NY. Luke is due to celebrate his 3rd birthday within a couple of months. As Christmas Day arrives, Jack will turn one years old! They’re all so clever and adorable.

In the spirit of birthdays, a few of us came for a celebration of Sara’s birthday on her 22nd birthday. Luke and Jack were able to have two of their grandparents (Lory and Penny) at the party to adore on their children. They love spoiling themselves. It’s not hard to do because they’re both adorable.

I did! WoW! We were exhausted when we had finished. It was quite a fight. Even Lulu was there to try to figure out what she could do. ….Bless your heart (if it had one). Cory was sitting on the floor. We pushed and pulled but with no success. He took his tool and completed this huge task. Thank, God! My back could not take much more. I was sweating profusely. Cory couldn’t even stand up. After the session was over, we fell to the couch. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy when we got started, but we didn’t know how tough it would be.

We decided to never repeat this experience ….no no matter what! I took photos to document everything and be able to share them with you. Be ready. You can tell we finally finished getting rid of the horrible recliners, peeling and rotting were put in place in the year 2019. The recliners lasted for two years and ….that’s the time was it needed ….for the recliners to begin peeling and appearing like the s#Y=t! We used a slipcover to cover them to cover up the mess. Here’s how they appeared when we removed the cover off. …..Yikes! Disgusting! We spent a lot of money for these items ….what was the point! Garbage!! When the

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