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Flight Instructor Rating Course (RA-Aus)

It takes a special kind of person to guide an eager new pilot towards their first solo flight.
Teaching a student to focus their skills, experience and passion for flying to attain a Pilot Certificate is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a Flight Instructor.
Just as you never forget your first solo flight, you’ll never forget watching your first student take off on theirs.

But more than that, becoming a Flight Instructor not only opens the door to a busy professional lifestyle, it also helps you take the leap from being a Private or Commercial Pilot, building up the Holy Grail minimum 500 hours required by airline recruiters. Along the way you’ll also continue to develop your professional attitude and experience greater levels of responsibility. Basically, it’s a great way to consolidate your theoretical and practical flight experience towards achieving the next step in your exciting career in avionics.

Prior to flight instructor rating course enrolment, all applicants must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. RA-AUS Pilot Certificate with Passenger, Radio, Cross-country endorsements
  2. 100Hrs Total time
  3. 75hrs PIC of a Recreational Aircraft


  1. Hold a PPL (A) Licence or higher
  2. 100Hrs Total Time
  3. 25Hrs PIC of a Recreational Aircraft

Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this course you will be a qualified Recreational Flying Instructor.

Flight Instructor Rating Course Details:

  1. PMI (Principles and methods of Instruction) ground theory
  2. Pre and Post Flight Briefing ground theory
  3. In-flight Dual training
  4. Flight Test
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