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Recreational Pilot Licence | Pilot Certificate (RA-Aus)

A Recreational Pilots Licence - Pilot Certificate (RA-Aus) is the ideal starting point for pilot training. Completing the initial stage of flight training in a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is the most efficient and cost effective route for learning to fly in Melbourne or Sydney. Whether you’re training for fun or for a career in aviation, your Recreational Pilot Licence - Pilot Certificate (RA-Aus) should be your first goal.

The new legislation brought in with Part 61, recognises Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) as the equivalent to a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). The hours in a light sport aircraft count directly towards a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) which puts Soar Aviation in a very unique position with the largest fleet of light sport aircraft in both Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne and Bankstown Airport, Sydney.

Learning Outcomes

Allows students to act as Pilot in Command with 1 passenger on board and fly within 25 nautical miles of their departure Airport. This course meets all requirements as set by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Allows students to obtain a flight Instructor rating under RA-Aus once having met the minimum requirements of section 2.08 of RA-Aus operations manual.

Step 1 | Obtain the following: 

 Australian Security Identification Card (ASIC).
Class 1 Medical - you will need to obtain this from an authorised Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).
RA-Aus Membership (3 or 12 months). All Instructors and Students wishing to undertake training on any Recreational Aviation registered Aircraft will need to be a current RA-Aus Member. However, if you choose to fly General Aviation (GA) registered aircraft, this is not necessary. 
Complete & return a Soar Aviation Enrolment Form & choose your payment method.
English Language Proficiency Check & Assessment. All students, regardless of their background, will need to complete this to prove their competency in the standard Aviation language - English. 

Step 2 | Flight Training towards your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

Students will generally need to complete between 20-30 hours of flight training on one of our either RA or VH registered aircraft to achieve their Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). Starting from scratch, you will receive both group and one on one tuition to help build your knowledge of how to fly an aircraft, from effects of control, climbing and descending to completing your First Solo Flight! You will be required to complete a minimum 25 hours flight training as per CASA regulations, with 5 of these being supervised solo flights. Once your Instructor is confident with your ability you will need to demonstrate all that you have learnt in a flight test with a CASA approved Testing Officer, to earn your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL).

 Full time | 3 Months
 Part time | 6 Months or flexible as required *Students are recommended to fly at least once a week, to avoid remedial training.

Step 3 | Theory

The RPL Theory Course has been designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the key principles in aviation and prepare them for Recreational Pilot Licence examinations. A combination of presentations, discussion and real life case studies will be used to reinforce the core concepts covered. Classes are lead by our experienced, full time pilot instructors who are on hand for both theory and practical guidance through out training. All exams will be held and assessed in house and are included in the course cost. 

Estimated Cost | Recreational Pilot Licence - Pilot Certificate (RA-Aus)

Aircraft type Rate Total
20 Hours Dual Training Foxbat A22 289 5,780
5 Hours Supervised Solo Training Foxbat A22 289 1,445
Theory Components (Bob Tait RPL Study Guide, RPL Theory Exam & Course, Logbook, Flight Manual & Visual Terminal Chart) 897
Pilot Licence Flight Test (Inc. $600 Test Fee) 869
Other ancillary costs (12 month RA-AUS Membership, Class 2 Medical, ASIC, English Language Assessment) 905
Total Estimated Cost (Incl GST) 9,896

Please note that training hours listed are based on minimum requirements, students will be charged at standard rate for additional training time required to meet proficiency standards. Prices are subject to change without notice.


This allows you to be more flexible with your payments, all that is required during enrollment is a $500 deposit into your Flying Account, from there you can simply pay for each lesson as you go.

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