Generation Y drives of their trips than the older generation

Generation Y drives of their trips than the older generation

Millennials, which are typically defined as people who were born between the years 1981 between 1981 and 1996 The millennial generation has received lots of attention in both negative and positive ways.

Some believe that the generation Y are socially conscious in their outlook and not as materialist in comparison to baby boomers. Some claim that they’re over-indulgent and entitled. Others say they’re the same as the previous generations. However, they are younger and have lower incomes.

Understanding the behavior of millennials has significant implications for urban planning, evolution of industries as well as climate changes. For example, if they prefer Lyft service and avoid the stress of parking and driving, it could mean major shifts for the auto industry. However, if the suburban soccer mom phase is merely put off, not entirely Perhaps nothing is going to be changing.

have been researchers of sustainability and business and our study on the behavior of drivers in the millennial generation has shown that they drive 8 per cent less than the older generations.

The meh of the millennials

We recently finished the study in which we surveyed 40 millennials to find out what they think about driving.

A quote encapsulated the common reactions: “I’ve considered getting a vehicle, particularly during my college years. Now, it’s”why not … I’m talking about it’s not really appealing.”

To determine whether these opinions were representative, we conducted a survey of 2,225 American adults from all age groups. In the average, millennials travel for less than 8% of their usual weekly journeys as compared to baby boomers or Gen Xers.

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Furthermore, this distinction is not gone when we take into account demographic data which suggests that the millennial lifestyle is not solely about being single, young and with a low income. The main thing that differentiates millennials is their attitude.

Generation Y is more environmental-friendly than the previous generation and more likely to think that that driving is a sign of freedom. They also view driving as riskier and are looking for a mode of transportation that also offers benefits such as exercise or the ability to read or access social media.

It is impossible to know for sure the extent to which these differences will continue as millennials enter older and middle age However, we know that millennials were formed by shared shocks such as 9/11 as well as the Great Recession, and that they are the first generation of “digital natives.” Those shared experiences can leave traces which aren’t likely to change.

Other aspects

Naturally, coronavirus can throw an obstacle in the mix.

Automobile sales fell 33 percent during May of 2020 compared to prior year. The constant demands for social distancing to make public transportation or the use of ride-hailing services less attractive could lead to a rise in sales of cars.

One of the most pressing COVID-19 questions is whether the millennial generation will purchase additional social isolation by changing their homes from downtown areas to detached homes located in suburbs.

However, millennials are likely to be more at working remotely and could also be more vulnerable to job loss and therefore socio-demographic factors could be a hindrance to a spending out spree by them. The infamous meh of millennials could cause a lot of trouble.

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