He quieter you are, the more you can hear

He quieter you are, the more you can hear

It always caused me to pause as I continued walking . The river was rushing across the landscape . On some days, I could walk past and not hear it since the water level was low. Today, it was quite loud . It was probably five out of ten on the scale that I have just invented . In quiet times, I might spot the black cormorant flies or a heron sitting in silence, waiting for the fish, who was not expecting it, to appear . Sometimes, the gooseanders are out, or mallard ducks .

There could be a breeze rumbling through the grasses that stretch for miles . Also, in springtime, the hammering sound of birds like the Woodpecker through the trees . Summer may bring the sound of swifts or swallows diving and ducking . Winter brings the sound of ice crackling beneath my feet .

The message was thought-provoking for sure . I was at the Racecourse . It was quiet today, but within a couple of days, the sound of horses ‘ hooves could be heard, as well as the noise of the crowd as well as the tannoy. A tribute Queen show would be heard singing”We Are The Champions!”, and other such songs . There was no noise of bikes, cars, or humans . A squirrel raced across the road, then reached the tree nearest to it . Maybe I should rephrase the text to read more quiet you are, the more you notice.

I began my way home . The top was where the owner had left an old green plastic watering container on the gate . The cows looked at me with an eyeful gaze. One of them sat on his back, gently rubbing himself on the wire running from the earth to high on the pole .

The rubbing noises while smiling as the wire was swaying across the room . Honeysuckle smelled amazing . The clouds were swaying across the sky . The sky that was leaden gray and threatened to rain . My hands were definitely wet when I got to the major road .

The town was still sleeping . The men had been setting up magnetic numbers 3 across the road signs and were ready to take them off later, as the speed limit increased in Wales for residential communities was increased was set to 20 mph was set. A law that wasn’t popular .

A speed limit that was blanket would never be a hit. As I walked closer to home, I was anticipating taking off my footwear, wiping my down , removing my wet clothes and getting my coffee ready . What is the difference between us and the French I was thinking ? Why don’t we say”NON” loudly to the Minister of First when he attempts to force us off the streets .

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