Inspire Change FAME Christmas Event

Inspire Change FAME Christmas Event

Aviation Australia is proud to present the FAME program (Female Aviation Maintenance Engineer). FAME, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the aviation industry, is designed to nurture and support our future female aircraft engineers as they develop their careers in an area traditionally dominated by men. You have the opportunity to be a part of the female engineering community and lead the way in bringing about change. We aim to increase female participation in Australia’s aircraft maintenance engineering workforce by offering students support from industry and key networks throughout their studies. In some areas, the industry average of female tradespeople in Australia is less than 5%.

The FAME program is available to all females at the Aviation Australia Brisbane campus, Darwin campus, and Cairns campus.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are in high demand.

The primary purpose of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is to ensure that aircraft are safe to fly. An engineer must certify that a plane is airworthy before it can take off.

This career is for you if you like to solve problems practically and enjoy knowing how things function.

These Certificate IV Aeroskills courses are designed to ensure that graduating students will leave apprenticeship-ready.

FAME Graduate 2023 – Whitney

Whitney never considered a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

She had a career that seemed predetermined. However, a chance encounter at the Aviation Australia Expo confirmed her destiny.

“I’ve had so much enjoyment and made so many new connections.” To be where I am has been a huge journey. This is how I found myself, and now it’s my career,” Whitney said.

Graduate of FAME 2023 – Sophie

Sophie was raised in a family that encouraged her to try everything.

It only takes a few minutes to get to know Sophie, and this philosophy is what has driven her to pursue a career in aircraft maintenance engineering (AME).

Sophie explained that becoming an AME was not just a job. “It is a global career which offers a wealth of opportunities for travel, experiencing different cultures, and working with the latest technology and iconic brands within aviation,” she said.

Sophie has a whole world of possibilities and opportunities to explore. It all started with that simple decision to “give it try!”

FAME 2023 Graduate – Angela

Angela knows the requirements for becoming a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. She also knows that to make a career in LAME, she needs more than just manual skills and attention to detail.

Passion, commitment to excellence, and the desire to be part of something bigger than its parts are all necessary. Angela says that if you are passionate, “it’s not out of reach.”

Angela shares her personal story about falling in love and the importance of a career as a LAME.

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