Is this AI travel assistant worth using

Is this AI travel assistant worth using


It can be a chore to plan a vacation. As someone who enjoys trip planning, I can say this. Searching for cheap flights and things to do, creating a trip itinerary, getting visas, and purchasing gear. The list is endless.

Planning a vacation, whether it is for two weeks or more than two months, takes time and effort. Most people spend hours researching a trip, reading travel blogs, and looking at social media.

AI is the latest buzzword that companies are using to streamline this process.

AI has enabled travelers to take advantage of more travel tools.

GuideGeek is the best tool I’ve used.

What is GuideGeek

GuideGeek, a personal AI travel assistant developed by Matador Network, is the leading travel and adventure publishing company I’ve known for as long as it has existed.

They have created a sophisticated AI which combines OpenAI’s ChatGPT Technology and real-time information about travel (i.e., Live flight search and human curation by their travel experts.

GuideGeek is an excellent resource for all kinds of questions.

  • Accommodation
  • Itineraries
  • Local Customs and Slang
  • Eateries
  • Visit & Do
  • Safety Tips
  • Budget tips
  • More!

You can connect to GuideGeek using WhatsApp by visiting

WhatsApp is launching soon on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. (Though most of the world uses WhatsApp outside the United States, it’s well worth installing if your plans include any time spent abroad.

GuideGeek offers tips to help you plan your itinerary, decide where and when, and find out what to do and see. It’s an effective tool to streamline trip planning with travel blogs and guides.

Does it work?

I wanted to see if the program worked. Here’s a quick look at what GuideGeek looks like:

Since I just moved back to NYC, I decided to ask it for some suggestions and see what it has to say. I am familiar with NYC, so I was curious to know if the answers it gave were BS or true.

It gave more than just generic information. It asked for more information so that it could tailor its suggestions better to my travel style.

Ask about museums that focus on history and sushi restaurants.

The colonial history sites I asked for (are things I have read and researched myself).

Now that we have covered food history let’s talk about sushi.

Some high-end sushi restaurants are not very affordable. We’ll see if we can find something more reasonable.

This is a great place to start for visitors. I am a sushi snob, so I can’t be impressed!)

You can ask about anything you want (including places to eat and things to do), and each answer will take only a few moments.

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