Is This Flight Tool Worth Using

Is This Flight Tool Worth Using


Anyone who has spent time looking for cheap flights will know that it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Flight tickets are not priced like other travel aspects (such as museum entrance fees or walking tours). Tickets are unpredictable and volatile. It’s not realistic to expect that a nonstop flight from NYC to Tokyo will always cost the same price (although it would be nice!) ).

Even if you find a good deal, you may be caught up in a decision paralysis. You might wonder if it is worth booking or if better deals are available.

With the right tools, this price volatility can be used by travelers to their advantage.

Go is the answer. This is a tool that helps you find the cheapest flights.

Going, formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, is a website and newsletter for members that offers flight bargains in over 900 locations around the globe. Most deals are between 40-90% off regular prices. This means that members can save up to $550 USD per international economy seat (first-class flyers, on average, save $2,000 USD).

This is a great deal of money!

Scott Keyes began his journey in 2013 after he found a deal that was too good to be true: a $130 round-trip from NYC to Milan. He booked the ticket immediately, flew to Italy, and had a great time.

After he returned, his friends and family asked him how he had found such an amazing deal. He began sending regular emails to his friends with the great deals he had seen. In 2015, Scott’s Cheap Flights was born.

After many years and over two million members, Scott’s Cheap Flights has rebranded to Going. New name, same company. Going encourages members to reverse-book their travel, meaning they choose the destination and dates of their trip based on flight deals available. This differs from deciding where and when to go before looking for a sale. Although it may seem counterintuitive, being flexible can lead to incredible savings.

Scott is someone I have known for many years. He has done a great job with his company. He has created one of the best tools for finding cheap flights. Don’t take my word for this — read on to find out everything you need about Going before you decide if it is right for you.

How to Go?

Going is fundamentally a membership site, which means you need to sign up for a plan to get access to its offers (one option is free, and all plans include a free trial).

It’s super easy to create your account after signing up and receive deals in your email:

Three membership levels are available: Limited, Elite, and Premium. Limited is free. However, Premium and Elite are available for a 14-day trial before you sign up.


  • Find a small selection of economy class tickets for international travel 1-2 days after you find them
  • You can follow five US airports of departure (but you cannot filter flights any other way).

Premium ($49/year):

  • Notification of all economy class deals, both domestic and international.
  • Alerts on rare mistake fares at your home airport. (When the airlines price a flight incorrectly)
  • Weekend Getaway Alerts (for flights departing in the next month).
  • Filter alerts that you receive
  • Follow up on 10 US Airports

Elite ($199/year:

  • All in Premium
  • The mistaken fares of all going fine
  • All ticket classes are eligible for discounts
  • Unlimited number of departure airports
  • Book with points to get a discount on flights
  • Priority Support

Here is a complete breakdown of the plans.

You can get by with the Limited plan if you only want the occasional flight deal. If you want to save money and travel more, the Premium plan is for you. It offers more benefits and is a great value. If you want to get deals when booking flights with points, you must join the Elite Plan. It is the only one that offers these deals.

If you are a new customer, remember to use the code NOMADICMATT20 and get 20% off premium.).

You’ll need to select a plan, sign up and enter your home airport and additional airports you are willing to travel for.

You can search for flight deals on the page.

This is an example of the difference between the Limited Plan and the Elite Plan.

View The Limited (free plan).

The Elite Plan view (as can be seen, there are many more offers here, and it is only filtered to Economy flights):

You can find great deals by going to the website

You might find it surprising, but most of Going’s offers are discovered by their (human) Flight Experts, who use criteria to determine what constitutes a “deal.”

This means they will only send you some flights that are cheap but rather a carefully curated selection. You won’t get a flight with several layovers or an overnight stopover. They also don’t offer deals for budget airlines.

Instead, Go deals are nonstop or single-stop flights with full-service airlines and manageable layovers. The company also ensures that each deal offers at least ten different departure dates, so you will never be forced to travel on a particular day. They only select decent flights, which I appreciate.

You’ll find a detailed breakdown of the deal with information about the flight, the destination, and sometimes even a helpful write-up from the Flight Expert that found the deal.

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