Rent a campervan in Ireland

Rent a campervan in Ireland

Few things can compare to a trip in a campervan around the rugged sea cliffs and rolling green hills of Ireland. We can help you narrow down the rental companies. We have compiled a list of the top campervan rental companies in Ireland to assist you with planning an unforgettable road trip around the Emerald Isle.

You are about to embark upon the most exciting adventure of your life!

We are obsessed with campervan travel. We’ve done this in six countries and counting!

From a four-wheeled home, we had a great time exploring Ireland. You will also have a blast.

Hold on! But wait!

As we’ve traveled the world in campervans and have a lot of experience, you can rely on our advice as you plan your trip.

This article will explain selecting the right campervan for your travel style and budget . ).

We also share some packing tips, items that are essential, and mistakes that we have made. All to ensure that you have a great experience.

We want you to fall in love with vanlife as well!

You can trust us with campervan rental

Exploring the PNW in our first campervan build

Welcome to the blog! We want to give you a few reasons why you can rely on us for all things related to campervans:

  • We have built three campervans ourselves from scratch.
  • Our campervans have been all around the US.
  • We have vans in New Zealand and Ireland, as well as Iceland, Scotland, Scotland, and Ireland.

Do you now understand why I called us obsessed? ?

All of this is to let you all know that we have had a lot of experience in this area. We are experts in, and we share our knowledge with you.

Let’s be friends because we love to connect with other RV and campervan enthusiasts.

A quick English language note. We use the words “rental” and “hire” interchangeably in this article.

Renting a campervan is easy in Ireland

This guide covers the following topics. You can click on the links to go straight to the section you want or scroll down for all the juicy details.

  • Best campervan rentals in Ireland
    • Causeway Campers
    • Bunk Campers
    • McRent
    • Black Sheep
    • Apollo
    • Anywhere campers
    • Outdoorsy
  • Why rent an RV or campervan in Ireland?
  • When should you book your hotel room
  • What to consider before buying a car
  • What is the cost of a campervan?
  • Ireland Campervan Rental FAQs
  • Campervan insurance
  • What should you pack for a camping trip
  • Campervan and a Baby
  • Where can you stay in your campervan
  • Ireland Camping Resources

Renting a campervan: Our own personal experience in Ireland

I personally rented a Campervan in Ireland, and it was an amazing experience.

A motorhome or campervan gives you a level of freedom you don’t get when staying in a hostel or hotel. We highly recommend this option.

We have personally explored Ireland with a camper, so you can be sure that we are talking about what we mean in this article and that we will share tips that you’ll find useful when planning your trip.

Our top campervan rental recommendation

You can skip straight to our recommendation:

Compare all options using Motorhome Republic.

Spoiler alert:Our top 2 picks of companies are Causeway Campers and Bunk Campers. (And we have had personal experience with renting from each! ).

This guide is full of insider tips about what to consider when selecting your vehicle. It also includes a list of mistakes to avoid and other companies that we would recommend for different travel budgets or needs.

How to rent a campervan in Ireland

It can be difficult to decide which company you should rent a campervan from.

We’ve done this 4 times, so we understand how overwhelming the first time can be.

Motorhome Republic is our go-to site for finding the best campervan rental in a specific destination. This is an aggregator (similar to Booking.com for hotels or Discovery Cars for car rentals) that gathers all the options into one place for you to easily compare.

is a filter we really enjoy using. You can enter the number of passengers, as well as other features such as “automatic transmission” and amenities like toilets or showers.

You can also choose to filter options by the highest ratings or display only those within a certain price range. This is a very user-friendly and convenient tool.

The best campervan rental companies in Ireland

You’ve selected your dates, and you see the Motorhome Republic options… but where do you begin to select between them?

We have rented and built three campervans, so we know what to look for. We feel that we know what to look out for, having rented campervans worldwide (and built 3 of our own!

We have hand-picked the following companies and believe that each one can be an excellent choice, depending on your needs.

We have scoured reviews and specs to provide you with a list of Ireland’s top campervan rental companies.

We will share with you the company we selected to rent from and some others in case another one is a better match for your needs or budget.

We’ll share each company’s pros, cons, and price points to help you decide.

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