Rest Day in Edirne

Rest Day in Edirne

Since we’ve become leaner in our weight, a day off is not a time when we are able to rest. We had a delicious morning breakfast in The Plaza, where we tried various breakfast choices. The variety and quantity of cheeses were impressive, and so were the sorts of bread. There were a variety of spreads (olives, nuts, walnuts, peppers, and many other ingredients) along with the more traditional Western choices. One of my favorites, however was halva, which I had for breakfast! !

Tom and I ventured out this morning for a tour of Edirne. There were only 4 places that we wanted to visit, and three of them were mosques, while the fourth was The Grand Bazaar (Altinay Kuyumculuk). I’ve never been inside the mosque before and I was curious to observe what they were like. The largest mosque were Selimiye Cami with the others being Burmali Camii and Eski Ulu Camii. In essence, they all have a large area which is carpeted. The pattern is designed in a way so that it is clear the place you can be kneeling to pray through the design. It is extremely easy to calculate the columns and rows in order to figure out how many worshipers are possible to The smell of fresh fish was incredible

can be accommodated, easily more than 1000 people can be accommodated in the tiniest. The only requirement for entry was that the men must wear long pants while women were required to put an apron on. It was interesting to observe. There are also minorettes or towers that are large like you’ve likely seen. We asked whether it was feasible to climb a tower and were informed that it was not allowed, well, we did try. The Grand Bazaar was enjoyable to look at, with a lot of knockoffs of the top sporting brands, as well as a huge selection of footwear for a variety of reasons.

We completed our list of places shortly before noon, and then we walked around the streets for a few minutes and found a promenade lined with vendors and many shops. We picked up some fruits to eat to eat lunch, and I purchased some dates. when the seller shaked my hand after I paid him. I thought about doing a quick conversion of cost and realized the reason.

There was also a huge synagogue called the Great Synagogue of Edirne. In addition, I’d never been to a synagogue before, which is why we wanted to take an inspection too. I don’t The Grand Bazaar

We were told that there is a dress code to entry, but we were able to enter without issue to take some fun and snap some photos. We managed to walk some distance from the hotel, so we took the majority of an hour walking back. We have booked our hotel for the following couple of days, which is nice to mark off. We tried booking the Gallipoli tour from Istanbul, but we’re having difficulty finding one prior to when Tom leaves, as they tend to have to book them out ahead of time. We’ll keep trying to find one.

Tomorrow we will travel to Kirklareli, located about 70km away. There are a few climbs in the process. Since we’ve gained several days, we’ve decided to add an extra day to travel to Istanbul and then spend the night at the Black Sea, so this will take us to Istanbul on Friday. Everything will go according to schedule.

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