The beauty of a simple existence with rice

The beauty of a simple existence with rice

This farm located in Chiang Rai will allow you to explore the details the organic farming of rice and get a taste of the way of life that is traditional in the beautiful countryside. It also gives you the chance to help support social impact programs which benefit the local community.


Welcome to your fun-loving host Kitt as he greets you with the warm welcome that is typical of Northern Thailand. Kitt along with his loved ones belong to Karen Sg’aw Hill tribal community. They will guide and instruct you on everything you need to know about your stay. Kitt’s mother, Mother Tomei, will ensure that your stomach is full and happy. Kitt’s dad will not just be working in the fields with you He may also entertain you with a song from folk or two while you work the soil together.

Nature is a resource, we rely on nature. Therefore, we must be mindful and do something to help.


In the seasons you go to, you’ll be taught the best ways to grow or harvest rice starting with ploughing the rice paddy to planting the seeds, and getting the rice prepared to be consumed. In this way you’ll also be taught about organic and traditional farming practices.

The tranquility in Tigerland Rice Farm makes it the perfect place for yoga classes and deep meditation. It is possible to spend several hours (or days) in peace in your personal retreat. Meditation huts are available as well as platforms that are located in the paddy field as well as within the forest of bamboo.

Additionally, half-day and full-day cultural tours for hill tribes which allow you to discover the rich history and culture of the local tribes.


If you are staying in Tigerland Rice Farm, you assist in the organic rice farming However, there are many other ways to get involved in other projects for the community.

You can contribute English stories to the Raise-as-Library initiative, which assists in to establish more libraries in the villages. This will provide the children of the hill tribe adequate resources to learn English.

You are able to become a sponsor for the Raise-a-Piggy project that gives a worthy family an animal to nurture with love and care until they decide to sell it after one year. The proceeds helps fund their children’s schooling.

Donate an animal to the Raise-a Moo-Moo-Cow project. A family takes care of the cow for about two years and then they can either utilize and sell their milk. When the cow has one calf, the animal is transferred into Tigerland Rice Farm for the purpose of helping assist another family. The money will go towards the education of their children.

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