The best places to relax and shop, enjoy good food and much more

The best places to relax and shop, enjoy good food and much more

Imagine a trip that takes you not only to a different physical location but also to a simpler time. A drive that takes 5 to 6 minutes from the city of Chicago yet is like a completely different time in your life. Large green fields are abounding on the lush and undulating borders of the old Appalachian foothills. There is a sense of appreciation for nature as well as an unhurried, natural life- and when you see traffic ahead is because horses and buggy are on highest point on the hill.

My mother-in-law’s family comes from Ohio. In addition, Amish countryside-Holmes County-to be precise-has become a preferred venue for their epic multiple-generation family reunions. Their trips to the region began in the 1980s because it was a convenient gathering location for families of all the generations and sizes. For me, being a Caribbean immigrant who lives in the midst of a bustling part of downtown Chicago, my first visit to Amish country was an authentic escape for my spirit and mind. After that, I’ve been back a few times as there’s always something new to discover and more to discover and even more to experience within Amish country.

A bit of background on the Amish in the 1800s: During the 1800s They settled in pockets throughout in the United States, making their journey across the country to Pennsylvania, Indiana, and the northeastern part of Ohio. Today, the traditional Orthodox Amish have a way of life that is void of modern conveniences, such as There is no electricity, there are no cars and no phones or internet. Buttons are also considered an invention of the past, and their clothes are fastened by hooks and eye. In Ohio there are true traditionalists who only ride horses, and the more modern Amish who make use of solar energy whenever they can and whizz by them on motorized bicycles. In spite of the traditional practices that are still in use, tourists to Amish country may take with them the typical expectations of the modern-day holiday- the companies make use of credit cards, hotel websites are online, and reservations for restaurants are frequently required. So, if you’re thinking that an Amish country trip sounds right up for you, here’s what I suggest you do.

Shop for Amish items and snuggle the animals

Travelers go to Amish country to experience the lifestyle of the Amish, but they also go to shop. The Amish are renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, using techniques that go from the 1900s. The furniture is superior to none, and visiting the furniture stores is always a good idea. In shops such as Pleasantview Furniture and Walnut Creek Furniture, You can discover quality items that are heirlooms made by local craftsmen. Every time I visit, I find something unique whenever I visit, such as an extremely sturdy curio cupboard or a dining table made of wood that magically expands to accommodate my family during Thanksgiving.

The thought of visiting a hardware store to have fun during a trip might appear a bit odd. However, Lehman’s is more than a standard hardware store. This is a mecca as well as an store for everything Amish that ranges from gardening and farm tools to antique and distinctive appliances for homes with no electricity, like gas-powered fridges and composting toilets and traditional lanterns. There’s a lot to discover and see-there’s even a café that serves all kinds of coffee, from large bowls of chicken fried and mashed potatoes, so you can have a bite to eat before you end your shopping spree.

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving the urban life to feel the grass and snuggle baby goats just like me take the time to visit Hershberger’s Ranch. There is a chance to shop in the farm’s store and view feed and touch the infant animals in the petting Zoo. If you’re looking to spend more time QT with furry animals is needed, The Farm at Walnut Creek offers even more exotic animals for you to snuggle and feed, such as the kangaroos.

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