The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica


Home Blog Costa Rica When is the best time to visit Costa Rica? When should you go, and when should you avoid it?

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This small country is packed with beauty, boasting mountains, jungles and two coasts. We have put together a guide to help you decide when to go to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has it all: stunning volcanoes and lush jungles; natural hot springs; mountain ranges with countless waterfalls; two distinct coasts. Costa Rica is a popular destination for both luxury and adventure travelers. It’s not surprising that the tourism industry has exploded.

Costa Rica isn’t big in any way — if it was a U.S. State, it would rank 10th! Its unique topography (there are three mountain ranges!) makes it stand out. It has many biomes with different climates.

It is very helpful to plan your trip by considering the seasonal weather patterns. These are divided into wet and dry seasons.

Let’s break down everything to help you choose the best time of year to visit Costa Rica to suit your travel needs.

Psst! This guide will help you to plan your trip by letting you know what adventures await in Costa Rica.

When is the best season to visit Costa Rica?

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is between August and September. Prices are lower, and there are fewer crowds. You can still enjoy the sun and beach on the Caribbean coast.

As with any destination, this answer is not simple. The climate in Costa Rica varies greatly depending on the region.

Start by answering these questions:

  • Would you mind some rain?
  • Which region of the country do you plan to visit?
  • Do you get easily annoyed by crowds of people?
  • Do you suffer from high humidity?
  • Would you rather spend time at the beach, hiking, or on a hike?
  • Do you plan to participate in activities such as whale watching, scuba-diving or surfing?

You can start by answering these questions to find out the best time of year to travel to Costa Rica.

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  • Rainy Season in Costa Rica
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The BEST time to visit Costa Rica

Want a quick recommendation? Click down to read our advice on the best time of year to visit Costa Rica. We’ll also share the times of year that we would avoid visiting Costa Rica.

  • Our recommendation…

Our experience traveling in Costa Rica

We visited Costa Rica during spring and summer

When? March 2012, June 2018, November 2018 and March 2021

Spring in Costa Rica

Our Experience:

  • Although the rainy season wasn’t supposed to start until May, we had a lot of rain.
  • We mostly stayed in mountainous regions such as San Jose and Arenal/La Fortuna.
  • We also found that the temperatures were lower than expected. Most of our trip was spent in jeans and rain jackets.

Were we to recommend a visit to Costa Rica in the spring?

Yes. Even though it’s not rainy season in Costa Rica, the country has a lot of jungles, and you may still experience rain if you travel to the mountains or cloud forests. Bring layers and be prepared for any weather.

Summer in Costa Rica

Our Experience:

  • We had great weather even though we were in the “rainy season,” which is from May – November.
  • We traveled all over Costa Rica. From the beaches on the west coast to the cloud forests in the mountains and the Caribbean coast. They all had their very own climates.
  • We did have some rain, but it was short-lived. It didn’t affect our experience in any way.

Were you able to visit Costa Rica during the summer?

Yes, for most people. I was apprehensive about going to Costa Rica in the rainy season. But I’m glad we went because it wasn’t a problem at all.

We were lucky to have blue skies, perfect weather, and a lot of rain. The rain also means that waterfalls are flowing, which is incredible! The Rio Celeste Waterfall may look muddy during the peak rainy season. We still saw a lot of blue (though it wasn’t as bright as sometimes).

You should avoid visiting Costa Rica if rain will likely make you unhappy (though you will encounter rain in the jungle at any time).

What to bring: Bring water shoes that can be worn on muddy trails, a dry bag to protect your valuables in a rainstorm, and a waterproof jacket (not water-resistant).

Fall in Costa Rica

Amanda’s experience:

  • Amanda, our Director of Content, made a quick trip to Costa Rica in early November. She traveled up the west coast from San Jose, stopping at Santa Teresa.
  • Although technically, November is still rainy in some places; the weather was quite lovely (and there were beautiful sunsets!) The entire week.


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