Today’s Top AircraftForSale Pick 1977 Cessna 185F Skywagon

Today’s Top AircraftForSale Pick 1977 Cessna 185F Skywagon


The Cessna’s 185F is a stunning package for pilots who want an aircraft that can carry loads and has STOL capabilities. [Courtesy: AircraftForSale]


Every day, the group Aircraft For Sale picks an aircraft that grabs our attention due to being distinctive, offers a great bargain, or is an excellent example of intriguing characteristics. You can look up Aircraft For Sale: Today’s Best Pick on FLYINGMag.com daily.


Many of us learn how to fly and purchase our aircraft to travel far distances and gain access to places we have never been. When these places are far from the main road and are only a short grass strip or gravel to allow for departures and arrivals, an imposing taildragger such as the Cessna 185F could be the best way to travel.

This is a vast difference from the Cubsor Citabrias, in which many of us earned the tailwheels we wanted. The 185F is typically thought of as to be a more challenging as well as rewarding vehicle. The 185F is known for its short-field capabilities and proper weight of about 1,400 pounds. The 185F has been a popular choice for outdoor guides who enjoy transporting hunters in the forest and bringing them back with any significant game they’ve managed to capture.

[Courtesy: AircraftForSale]

Imagine yourself at the helm of this 185-degree turn vehicle, bringing your family or friends off to distant camping grounds and resorts, sometimes hundreds of miles away from the nearest airport service.

Since it is new, its Cessna has 5172 hours on the airframe and 535 hours on the 300-horsepower Continental IO-520D engine. The propeller is a three-blade McCauley, running for 1,288 minutes since the overhaul. The plane has an original floating kit, long-range fuel tanks of 84-gallon capacity, stainless steel cables, an engineered windshield V brace Cleveland wheels, brakes, and much more.

Pilots looking for a sturdy aircraft for carrying people or large cargo to remote areas–or even the 300 hp option for flying adventures should look into the well-maintained 185F sold for $295 000 via AircraftForSale. It is possible to finance the plane through FLYING Finance Group. For more information, email info@flyingfinancial.com.


Jonathan Welsh is a private pilot who was an editor, reporter, and columnist for The Wall Street Journal for 21 years, mainly covering the automobile industry. His love for aviation started as a child with gliders made of balsa wood that his aunt would purchase for him at the local corner retailer. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @JonathanWelsh4.

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