Top 10 Things to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

Top 10 Things to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

So you’ve got your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) – HOORAY – but what can you actually DO with it? Well, you can hire a Foxbat and take it for a spin within 25 nautical miles of departure airport with a pal. But where to go? What to see?

TOP 10 PLACES to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence

In this post we list what we think are some of the best places are within that 25 nautical mile radius…that is assuming you’re departing from Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne. To our non-Melbournian friends, don’t worry, we’re doing a Sydney edition soon so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

1) Melbourne CBD – you cannot fathom the beauty of the CBD from the skies, it’s incredible! High-rises arranged in a perfect grid don’t sound that enticing, however there’s an aura about Melbourne’s concrete jungle from above that just can’t be explained…
2) Melbourne Cricket Ground – even though we doubt anyone will slog a ball high enough for you to pop your arm out the Foxbat and catch, you do get an awesome view of the world famous cricketing ground with the Foxbats perfectly clear cockpit.
3) Albert Park – Parks are generally b-e-a-utiful from top to bottom, but with a view of the CBD in the background facing one-way, or the southeast coastline the other, Albert Park delivers in more ways than one from overhead.
4) Royal Botanical Gardens – Anything with the word ‘royal’ means it must be fancy, and fancy it is. Only next door to Albert Park, flying over the gardens is a must for anyone who enjoys admiring flora and fauna from both near and afar.
5) South East Coastline – Melbourne’s southeast coastline is always impressive from the skies, yawning all the way from the CBD down to the peninsula you’re almost guaranteed some sweet photo opportunities. In rain or shine the beaches and bay will deliver.
6) Yarra River – even though it’s not the most impressive looking river from the ground, it looks like a pretty elegant ribbon weaving through Melbourne from the sky.
7) Luna Park – a place that excites and entices from the ground for both adults and kids alike, flying by in the air is way better than their best Roller coaster, lets be honest.
8) Hobsons Bay – the rounded bay flecked with boats and babes (ok, we made the babes one up) makes you truly appreciate its vastness as the boat specks take up only a minuscule amount of space. The area is speckled with yachts through to cargo ships, and interesting to check out with a bird’s eye view.
9) Royal Melbourne Golf Club – to be fair, there are loads of golf courses scattered across Melbourne, and almost all are nice to fly over, we’ve just been fancy and picked the Royal Melbourne Golf Club (where the Australian open is held). The lush greens are always arranged in aesthetically pleasing ways otherwise unable to be seen from the ground, plus, you can laugh at the golfers stuck in bunkers.
10) Cardinia Countryside – there’s nothing like wide-open spaces and picturesque fields flowing into one another, the Cardinia area fits this bill pretty perfectly. Some might say it’s so picture perfect you might even hear Julie Andrews belting out ‘The Sound of Music’ along the way.

So those are our Top 10 places to check out with your Recreational Pilot Licence! But ultimately the options are endless.

What are your Top 10? Let us know in the comments section!

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