Top 10 Things to See with your RPL – Sydney

Top 10 Things to See with your RPL – Sydney

This blog is a follow on from our last: Top 10 Things to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence (Melbourne) – but now we’re focusing on Sydney! Presuming you’re departing from Bankstown Airport, you should get some kick-ass aerial views of these locations and I’m sure your hot date will appreciate your ‘tour guide’ skills. Don’t let all that flight training go to waste.

TOP 10 PLACES to See with your Recreational Pilot Licence

You’ve got a 25 nautical mile radius to operate in, make the most of it! Here’s what we think are a few of the best locations to check out, if you’ve got any suggestions let us know in the comments!

  • Sydney Harbour – Including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it’s a stunning view of Sydney in all its glory. There’s really no other landmark that deserves to rank #1 in this list.
  • Blue Mountains – Whilst the Blue Mountains National Park is a little beyond the 25 nautical mile reach for you to fly over, you can definitely get a distant view of the blue haze that so aptly gave the mountains their name.
  • Bondi Beach – Most locals know that Bondi gets ridiculously busy on any given day over 25°C in summer, and being shoulder to shoulder in sweaty sand isn’t ideal. But, it is one of our most famous beaches for a reason – it’s beautiful and awe inspiring from the skies.
  • Centennial Park – Amongst all the high-rises there is some luscious green hovering on the city floor! This park is extremely well kept, so even in the driest summer it’s still gorgeous and green.
  • Manly Beach – Head up to the northern suburbs for a view of Manly Beach, in turn you’ll also get to check out the Sydney Harbour National Park which juts out to the south. You should catch good views of all the surfers too, be sure not to heckle from above though!
  • Olympic Park – With ANZ Stadium being the Queen Bee, Olympic Park was Sydney’s crowning glory in 2000 when it hosted the Games. The sprawling area of stadiums, fields and general arenas is impressive
  • South Head, Watons Bay – In this area you’ll find pretty as a picture cliff sides, the crème-de-le-crème of housing and properties, as well as the HMAS Watson Navy base. The rich mans yachts speckled over the bay make it even more dazzling from above.
  • Royal National Park – The Park takes up a large chunk of the southeast area of Sydney, so a fly over anywhere is really quite impressive due to sheer size. Be sure to check out the inconspicuous, yet stunning, Wattamolla Beach.
  • Berowra Waters – Some may be surprised by this choice, but most will not realize what they’re missing out on. Humbled and surrounded by almost exclusively bush land, a curling river winding through an abyss of nature is something that shouldn’t slide under the radar.
  • Bate Bay, Cronulla – This south Sydney peninsula sweeps around like a hook to form this bay, creating a very impressive beach stretch – very much enjoyed from below or above.
Check out these pictures, I’m sure they’ll inspire you to keep up your flight training and get your RPL! And if you haven’t started yet, you should definitely learn to fly – you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

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