Trends in Car Buying for 2023

Trends in Car Buying for 2023

The auto industry is still far behind in 2018. New 2019 models will soon be available, and customers will purchase cars. If you want to be unique, you’ll need to stay on top of the 2019 car buying trends.

The new year brings new sales, and this is the perfect time to increase your sales. What are the 2019 car buying trends? Continue reading to find out more…

New Technology and Features

The integration and upgrading of technology in cars is one of the most anticipated things. Now, people expect AI, built-in GPS, rear-end cameras and self-driving vehicles, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and more. Consumers like entertainment, convenience, and more features. The dashboard of their cars should be a mini-computer.

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More Hybrids & Electrics

Hybrids are growing more rapidly than ever. Hybrid vehicles offer some of the features of pure electric and smart cars but also the ability to travel long distances. A hybrid vehicle combines a petrol engine or diesel motor with an electric one. Tesla, Toyota Prius, and BMW i3 are some examples. Hybrid vehicles are popular with consumers because they are better for the environment, emitting less CO2, as well as better for their wallets, consuming less gas. To accommodate these drivers, electric charging stations are being set up across the United States.

Accident Prevention

Future automobile technology will keep drivers on the road safe when an unexpected event happens. The new features of cars, such as automatic braking, steering assistance, lane centering, and others, are becoming more common. It could also mean fewer auto body repairs.

Social Media Marketing

How do millennials find inspiration to buy a new car? Social media. Users want to drive cars that their friends, celebrities, and influencers have posted pictures of. It would help if you were on top of social media marketing. Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms among millennials, young adults, and users looking to purchase their first vehicle. You can target this audience and reach them with digital marketing. Do you want to get your audience in 2019? AutoJini offers social media marketing, including Facebook ads and social media management!

More space and bigger cars

Sedans, daily commuter cars, and SUVs are losing their popularity. These days, it’s all about SUVs, minivans, and big pickup trucks. People want vehicles that are able to transport, haul, and carry their belongings. For the new year, consider putting more focus on your larger cars and more deals. Update your graphics and banners to show off your larger, more powerful vehicles on your dealer website.

New cars and car buying trends are on the rise. Stay ahead of the competition to avoid losing out.

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