Wash Your Car Cover In 8 Simple Steps!

Wash Your Car Cover In 8 Simple Steps!

You should wash your car cover regularly if you want it to look clean. It will look new and fresh all the time.

Most people don’t understand the importance of maintaining a clean car. They do not want to spend any money on cleaning their car covers. This is wrong.

Car Covers may look important, but they’re easy to clean. You only need a hand car wash and detailing service and detergent.

Remove the car cover first. Separate the car cover from your vehicle. Use a brush or a broom to remove dust and dirt.

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How to wash your car cover manually

This manual method is 8 easy steps to shine your car cover. Take a look at the 8 steps.

Step 1: Shake it for a minute to remove the dust.

Hold the car cover with both hands as you would when cleaning a California Duster.

By shaking the dirt, you can remove any loose particles.

It is best to do this in a well-lit, uncluttered area where it will be easier to clean.

Dust removal is best achieved by holding the cover with one hand while using the other hand to beat out any particles.

Step 2: Stretch the cover tightly all over your car

Then, locate a parking spot and secure the cover to your vehicle. Stretch it as tightly as you can.

To minimize wrinkles and creases, you need to practice. Make sure it’s secured properly so that it doesn’t fall off during washing.

Step 3: Vacuum it thoroughly to remove the sand

Vacuum the cover of your car to remove any stubborn sand. It is important that you do this to ensure there are no dirt marks on the car cover.

You will scratch the cover if you scrub the cover.

Step 4: Prepare a soapy solution for your cover cleaning

Fill the bucket up with water after you have removed the bucket that you have prepared. Add the soap to the bucket, and gently mix everything to create a lather. When you’re done, set it aside.

Use a hose to remove liquid from the cover. If you do not have a hose you can use a bucket to pour water on the cover.

Step 5: Scrub with a towel

You must return to the soap solution first. After soaking the cover in the bucket, use a microfiber towel or soft cloth to scrub it. Do this in either an up-and down or back-and forth motion.

You should scrub in one direction. Avoid swirls and circular movements. Start cleaning the cover from the top. This method will ensure that you don’t miss any part.

You should pay attention to stains caused by bird droppings or bugs. These stains will require a little more effort. This will not come off in one swap. If they don’t come off after several scrubs, use a generous amount soapy solution.

Slowly, the soap will remove stains. Scrub other parts of your car while you wait. If you want to, you can return to the stains in five minutes. You should first scrub the car cover before moving onto the next step.

Step 6: Rinse thoroughly with a hose

Some sections of the cover need to be washed. Use water that is not too hot, and make sure to rinse the cover thoroughly. The cover should be free of soap residues. Repeat this step 2 to 3 times and it’ll be safe.

You can also use buckets filled with clean water if you don’t own a hose. This will require more effort and time, but will still work. Let it sit and let it dry.

Step 7: Reverse the device and repeat all steps.

Then, repeat the first six steps.

Step 8: Allow it to Dry in the Air

Allow it to dry again. Clip it on the clothesline if you do not want it to dry. Let it dry if it’s still on your car. Some websites recommend throwing it over the fence. We don’t agree.

Most likely, the fence has not been cleaned. All you need to do is get it dirty again. Park your car in a place that gets plenty of sunlight.

You can speed up the drying time by washing your car cover during a windy or rainy day. Be careful not to get dust and debris on your cover.

If you dry your cloths under an umbrella, bird droppings can cause them to become dirty again. Just be sure to check the cover. Wipe the dirt off as soon as you can. Once it has hardened, it becomes more difficult to remove. When it dries, you have a new car cover.


Now you probably have a better idea of how to wash your car cover. Manual washing involves eight steps, but it is worth the effort. It should be easy to understand and follow. Please let us know if you give it a try. Feel free to leave any questions or comments about the topic.


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