Why is a pink slip important when buying a car?

Why is a pink slip important when buying a car?

Pink Slip is required for anyone who lives in New South Wales. A pink slip is required even if you don’t own a motorcycle. Let’s take a look at the reasons why pink slip inspection services in sydney is important.

  • What is a pink slip, and how do you use it? A pink slip can be used to register a vehicle or to verify that you have not been using the vehicle for some time. They are technically called safety inspections, a letter from your mechanic confirming that your vehicle is in good condition. The mechanic will give you a list detailing the repairs required to pass inspection if the vehicle isn’t in good condition. This inspection is mandatory if you wish to register your vehicle in NSW.
  • The Validity of the Pink Slip: The pink slip you receive after passing inspection has a 42-day expiry date that must be used to register your vehicle. You will need to submit another pink slip if you don’t do this. A pink slip is usually required every year, although the length of time could vary.
  • The mechanic will inspect your vehicle using a pink slip checklist. The whole test takes around 30 minutes. During this time, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle’s body and headlights, indicators, as well as interior lights, dash lights, and indicators. Your vehicle’s engine, suspension, exhaust and brakes are also tested. The cost of the entire inspection can range from $21 to $45, depending upon which vehicle is being tested.

Remember that every vehicle requires different testing. 

What is a blue slip and what is its importance?

The blue slip is just like the pink slip and it’s a document that you must have for your vehicle. What is the difference between the pink slip and blue slip? Let’s find the answer.

  • What’s a Blue Slip?

Blue slip is required for registration if your registration has been revoked for more than three months. If you bring a vehicle or motorcycle into NSW from overseas or interstate, a Blue slip is required.

A blue slip isn’t the same as a pink slip. But that doesn’t mean they are indistinguishable. A blue slip has the same validity as a pink slip. The blue slip is valid for 42 days. If your vehicle hasn’t been registered, you will need to have another inspection. You will also be charged slightly more for the inspection. Blue slip checks can cost anywhere from $41 to $66. Although the inspection is similar, there are more.

  • Blue Slip Verification

To obtain a Blue Slip, safety and operation checks must be performed. The identification numbers, such as the engine number, are checked to ensure that they are correct. To ensure that the vehicle is legal and legitimate, the identification numbers such as the engine number, etc. are checked. Any discrepancies, such as evidence of stolen parts or evidence, will result in a police investigation. You will then be required to prove that the purchase was legal.

  • Blue Slip Documentation

Blue slip inspections require proof of identity such as a driver’s license. A set of documents such as proof of purchase, certificate of registration from the previous owner or a bill of sale signed by the former owner will be required.

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